Elevate your cyber
security audits

Experience the industry's most comprehensive and versatile audit tool,
deployable seamlessly with a single script.

The next phase of cyber risk discovery is here.

There is a paradigm shift happening in how organizations secure themselves - get a new perspective from Telivy on minimizing risk.

A complete security audit platform

Deploy an all-in-one tool to get more visibility into security posture

Automate to Elevate

Reduce workload reducing operational overhead by up to 80% through automation.


Shift your primary focus to fortify your security analysis rather than operations.

Build Trust, Boost Retention

Highlight your expertise and increase client retention through trust.

Let us handle your security operations

Easy steps to configure and start data collection

Configure scans

Gather all vulnerabilities

Generate reports quickly

Continuously Monitor

What our users have to say

"Telivy saved one of my clients nearly 65% on cyber insurance. Their scanning solution is great and helped us secure all of our client’s networks."

Stephen H.

Chief Operations Officer, Holt Data Solutions

“Anything that automates collection and gathering of data for the application will be helpful for us and the industry“

Raffi J.

Chief Executive Officer,
Triada Networks

"Their external domain scanning works really well, they find things I didn't even know were there. We use their product to show our customers gaps and risks to their business and it helps us to grow our business."

Steven C.

Head of Operations, Level 5 Management

“Telivy is a game changer that allows me to focus on what's most important, trusting them with handling the busy work of cybersecurity risk assessments.”

Jason Smith

Founder, ZATIS Technology Group

We need visibility into our client's potential threats. There's a lot of different software that is currently doing this, but Telivy has brought it all together in an easy to use & understand dashboard that analyzes multiple data sources.

Tom Wooley

CEO, Today CFO

Areas of

Network Security

Keep your networks, devices and data safe and secure by discovering any potential entry points for cyber attacks - from both inside and outside your organization.

Data Security

Protect your data from attacks that can encrypt, modify, corrupt or destroy data, such as ransomware. Ensure data is available to anyone in the organization who has access to it.

Application Security

Identify, assess, and manage the potential risks to applications used by employees


Audit and configure proper access to all corporate assets on premises and cloud. Enforce policies around user authentication, validation & privileges, and address issues regarding privilege creep.

Social Engineering

People are often the weakest link in security strategy. Test resilience to email phishing and application password detection attempts to gain access to restricted areas and exfiltrate confidential data.


Create powerful opportunities for your MSP

Quantify why attention to security matters to your clients using financial metrics, insurability and ROI. Change the conversation of security tools as a hard-to-justify expense to an essential investment.


Assess your clients' cyber risks and identify gaps

Walk through our cyber risk questionnaires, perform scans on your clients’ environments, get an inventory of assets and learn their their vulnerabilities. Identify solutions clients should implement to harden their security posture. Automate these periodically to get unparalleled visibility.


Generate the reports you need with no hassle

Explain your findings through whitelabeled and easy-to-understand reports. Brand them with your logo, colors and layout. Customize them to fit your conversation; a new client prospect, onboarding conversation or quarterly updates.


Offer cyber insurance for full protection from security threats

Once cyber risk gaps are reduced, transfer what is left to capital markets. Reduce your liability in the process. Offer insurance within the platform with us as your brokerage.

Are you ready to gain insights into your clients' cyber risk?

The Benefits of Telivy

Visibility into 5 areas of security: Network, Data, Application, Identity and Access Policies and Awareness

Complete endpoint vulnerability management

PII and sensitive data identification and estimation of total value

Identify usage of risky 3rd party applications

Strength and breach analysis of browser based passwords

Dark Web analysis and Microsoft 365 tenant security recommendations

A press release with social media coverage of our partnership that will help your social media presence

Proven track record with audits on over 10,000 devices and growing

Real-time client onboarding and platform training

Responsive, multi-channel support dedicated to your success

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