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How MSPs Use Risk Assessments to Win Clients

August 8 | 2pm ET
Join 7 Figure MSP™ and Naren Sathiya, CEO of Telivy as they share the sales process, tools, and solutions for offering and delivering risk assessments to your clients and prospects.

About 7 Figure MSP™

7 Figure MSP™ is an executive-level sales and marketing coaching firm that helps MSPs effectively sell cybersecurity and MSP services with a focus on HIGH TICKET sales and evolving the relationship between the client and the MSP. Their mission is to help as many MSP business owners reach the 7-figure mark in revenue and to do it in a way that is affordable, gets an almost immediate ROI, and allows the MSP to step into working ON the business rather than grinding day-in, day-out working IN the business.

About Telivy

Telivy is an automated cybersecurity risk assessment platform for MSPs. MSPs like Holt Data Solutions, Triada Networks, and Level 5 Management use Telivy to run risk assessments to win new clients and monitor existing clients and have all given Telivy 5 star reviews. MSPs love Telivy because MSPs reduce risk assessments that take 7-8 days manually to under 5 hours fully automated with Telivy.

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