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Provide your customers with a powerful and insightful cyber insurance experience
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Features to digitize your agency workflow

Smarter Prospecting

Access our cybersecurity perimeter risk scanner. Use reports to help your clients and prospects identify and quantify cyber risk. Multi-scans per client - no problem

Report 3rd Party Risk

Create vendor cyber risk reports by scanning your client’s tier one trading partners. Generate highly accurate, actionable reports

Create Insightful Data

Create your own cyber security benchmark. Example: Scan all law firms with less than 20 employees in your county and help them with cyber risk awareness and transfer

Next-level Applications

Create amazing cyber insurance submissions using our NIST based cyber assessment, coupled with our perimeter scanner and risk verification

Access Top-Rated Carriers

Generate application and use with your carriers, or use our APIs-integrated carriers to access cyber insurance quotes. Build proposals automatically in your brand

Powerful Marketing Tools

Create massive cross selling campaigns. Bulk upload non-cyber buying clients and quote them by the dozens/hundreds. All in your brand

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